GK802 by Zealz | The First Quad Core TV Stick

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The first Quad Core TV Stick

The Zealz GK802 is the first quad-core Android mini PC to have landed on the market. It is powered by the quad-core Freescale 1.2 GHz CPU. Which is sweet because Freescale publish a large amount of documentation about their chip. This shoulod lead to lots of experimentations.

Laptop Mag compiled a series of CPU tests that shows the potential of this device.

2x MicroSD Slots?

Instead of using onboard NAND memory chips, this device uses a second MicroSD card for its internal storage. This is quite convenient for backups and for replacing the operating system.

XBMC Support

According to who did a great review, XBMC works well on this device.

Linux Support

Since Freescale’s documentation is available it did not take too long to see a Linux distro compatible. A preview version of Ubuntu 11.10 was quickly made available for the GK802. But after downloading the image file, Laptop Mag was unable to write it to a microSD card.

However, many other users have successfully installed Ubuntu on the device. Geekbuying said that being able to run Linux on the GK802 is a strong selling incentive because users can run real productivity apps like OpenOffice, development or work in a multiwindowed environment.


GK802 Connectivity

GK802 Connectivity

Apart from its HDMI output and its 2 MicroSD slots, the GK802 also has a USB 2.0 port and is also powered by standard Micro USB chargers at 2A.

Model: Zealz GK802

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