MINIX Neo X7 | Android 4.2, Ethernet, External Dual Band WiFi, Quad Core

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Model: MINIX Neo X7

The MINIX Neo X7 was unveiled in April at the Hong Kong electronics fair. At this time, the Neo X7 raised high enthusiasm except for the Lamborghini-style design that raised many critics.

Original Neo X7 casing

Original Neo X7 casing. This casing design have been abandonned.

Since then, Minix did its homework. They redesigned the device to a more minimal yet stylish design. It now closely resembles the Neo X5.

MINIX has earned a good reputation for providing TV Box models that perform really well compared to other manufacturers. However, the Neo X5 that came out last year received a harsh comments from PC Magazine. They complained about Android being made for Touch screens.

But today we know that we can find some pretty sweet remotes that makes the navigation on Android TV boxes a breeze. However, we hope that Minix has improved the interface to allow HD navigation on the Neo X7.

This TV Box looks to be a very well equiped box. It not only has an impressive load of connectivity. It has dual band WiFi (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) with an external antenna as well as an ethernet port. But, it is now powered by the latest quad core CPU from Rockchip.

We have no info about how well XBMC is running on this guy. We’ll update this page when info available.

Minix Neo X7 Specifications

Minix Neo X7 Specifications

The Minix Neo X7 is expected to be released in late July or August 2013.

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