What’s Android TV ?

Since Android TV is not an official port of the Android Operating System, the concept of Android TV could be interpreted in many ways. However, we can fairly say that Android TV is the concept of using the Android operating system (normally found in mobile phones and tablets) to bring Smart TV functionalities to a television set.

Since a TV is normally used with a remote, the Android TV will normally be used as a Media Center, Gaming Platform or Internet Streaming platform. A simple and cheap way to accomplish this is by plugging small devices in the HDMI port of a television set. These devices could be called Android TV sticks, Android Mini PC’s, Android HDMI Dongle, PC-on-a-stick, etc.

A major advantage of using Android as a Smart TV system is the access to the Google Play store which already has thousands of apps. The myriad of proprietary platforms like Samsung’s SmartTV, AppleTV or Roku have the major disadvantage of being tightly controlled by their manufacturers. This leads to a serious lack of apps compared to what we can found on an Android TV that usually gives access to the full Google Play catalog.


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